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Is Chronic Illness & Disease Hereditary?

You keep packing on the weight. Your once slim waistline has slowly become a spare tire, or two.. But wait, you eat healthy most of the time.. salads and fish and chicken. You're careful about what you put in your body and you try not to overindulge in sweets and alcohol.. So this extra weight, this bulge around your middle and thighs has to be due to getting older right.. I mean it must just be part of old age. That's it, you're losing your youth and it's all downhill from here.

That is what millions of Americans tell themselves every day. They're doing everything right so their poor health can't be attributed to anything they've done. Or maybe they should exercise a little more and count calories. Or maybe they shouldn't have had a couple of cocktails the other night. This is the story of millions of Americans today. Sadly, no one seems to know what's going on or why they are in such poor health. They've heard the latest headlines about eating right and taking a multivitamin, but they're already doing those things, so they tell themselves they must be getting old and this is all just inevitable. But what about those older ladies and gentleman in their 70s and 80s that are still trim and active. How do they do it. How are they still leading active lives at that age? Must just be good genes, right?

Well no.

And yes.

See, contrary to what we've been taught our whole lives, we are not eating right, and while what we eat does matter it isn't just what kinds of food we're eating that makes the difference. It all plays a crucial role. From the way we look, too how fast we age, to what kind of aches and pains we get.

You've been lied to your whole life. Your DNA does not determine whether you will get a disease, it only determines what disease you will get after you poison yourself enough. So if cancer runs in your family and you take very poor care of your health, you may end up with it at some point, but only after you poison yourself enough. But you can turn off the overactive cancer gene if you take proper care of yourself and get adequate nutrition, because cancer can not live in an alkaline body.

Most of us know that if you eat a lot of sugary things on a regular basis and don't brush your teeth you'll end up with cavities, right? Okay, the same goes for the general well-being of your body or even overall condition of a car. If you don't take care of pretty much anything, it gets worn down, tired and won't work well. If you don't water a plant or give it sunlight what happens? It slowly wilts and dies. Same goes for our bodies. They're no different. Sure, they're amazingly resilient, but they can only take so much.

So why then, would you think what you eat doesn't matter or that disease and chronic illness are caused by chance or luck of the draw or bad genes? See, it's really not inevitable that you'll get a disease or syndrome or illness just because your aunt, mom, or uncle had it. If you take proper care of your body with good nutrition; take quality supplements that make up for the lack of nutrients our food and soils lack; detox regularly to help your body rid itself of unavoidable external poisons we're all exposed to in this harmful environment we all now live; you get proper rest on a regular basis; keep stress levels to a minimum, and don't smoke or drink to excess, take care not to expose yourself to vast amounts of chemicals or radiation... you won't get chronically ill, because disease can't live in a healthy body.

Just a little food for thought. --- pun intended.

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