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What's In Your Food?

Your body is no different than any other machine. It can only perform as well as the type of fuel you're putting into it. Garbage in = Garbage out

...yada, yada, yada, right?

How many times have we all heard that, especially now during a time when most everyone is sick and trying to figure out why, and everyone's rushing out to buy the latest in detox products to cure their ails because their doctors can't seem to figure out how to help them. New, whole-foods, all-natural, and organic health stores are popping up everyday and the natural health industry is booming. So while what we've all been hearing so much about "You Are What You Eat" sounds cliché and redundant -- have you thought about it.. like REALLY thought about it?

It's talked about often these days, but it's equally as often ignored. Mostly because as human beings we usually need some sort of wake up call or emergency to really get the point across to something that goes against the grain of what we've been taught for so long and are so comfortable with. When something sounds foreign and unfamiliar we tend to push it aside, ignore it, and move on. We know there may be some truth in it's but really it feels too good doing what we're doing and we're so familiar with it so we continue on. Unfortunately a message has to really hit home, like with a serious illness we desperately need answers for, before we take action. Or because as humans we tend to be slow learners, so we simply need to hear the message over and over enough times until the words finally sink in. I'm hoping this is one of those times so we can all start making better choices in the fuel we feed our most important machines.. our bodies.

So if we think about the quality of the foods we purchase, and we're eating mostly heavily processed foods, food sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, foods that are experimented with and genetically modified so it's actual DNA changes and the plant no longer resembles anything close to its original state. Or if we're eating food that's grown in nutrient deficient soil devoid of any minerals or nutritional value so it doesn't have enough vitamins or minerals to nourish a healthy plant, let alone us. And if the plants now have only about 1/4 of the nutrients its once perfect ancestors used to have, then what do we think happens to our once perfect body over time when consuming these foods day after day, week after week, year after year ...In a word -- desease. Disease happens.

Aside from plants, let's look at meat. Again I ask why would you eat an animal that has been eating corn, wheat, soy and candy. Yes..candy. Did you know that this is the diet of the majority of the farm animals whose meat is sold for human consumption in most U.S. grocery stores today? And it's not an anomaly, it's quite common. So unless we do some research, do we really know where that meat is coming from? Do you know what that animal was eating prior to being sacrificed to be on your dinner plate?

And then there's plants. Your "fresh" produce.. Sure it may be freshly grown, but do you know just what chemicals were sprayed on your it while it was growing, and do you know how it will affect your body once consumed? Because whether you're aware or not, your body's keeping track, and it matters.

Our bodies are brilliant machines and can handle a lot. We have amazing healing properties. Since we were small children we've had numerous cuts and bruises and broken bones and colds and flu and other viruses. Our bodies seem to adapt and heal almost no matter what. We tell ourselves little lies that we'll do better tomorrow, and we begin to think we're invincible no matter what we do because we'll recover. But there comes a time when that's no longer true. Everything has its limits, our bodies being no exception. And when that limit is reached we start to experience things like pain, fatigue, skin conditions, autoimmune disorders, chronic deteriorating conditions and finally disease.

If you think about it, without your body there's no more you. Kind of profound thought. What do most people do with old, broken down items that are no longer useful? They usually get thrown away, tossed in the trash and then replaced with a shiny new one. But if that's not possible then wouldn't you want to make sure your body runs smoothly day to day and never becomes disease ridden so you can live a long, fulfilling life? I know the answer for myself.

I bet you do too.

Here's to continued good health.. and better choices going forward.

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